Nigeria: The Movement Of The People
2 min readOct 17, 2020

Nobody can stop a movement that is on the move. Nobody can stop unleash dogs from fighting back especially when they are pushed to the wall. You have left them no choice other than to defend themselves against a common enemy.

That is what happened in Nigeria at the moment.

How did we get here?

A couple of weeks ago the cup was full for the Nigeria Special Anti-Robbery Squads, known as SARS, mandated to crackdown on the robbers. Sadly the force has reassigned themselves to different mandates.

In over three decades of the force in operation, crossing the line is their second nature. Sadly, their roles have degenerated into brutalities of victims. The arrested unlucky fellow was battered, maimed, and eventually left dead. An example was the one that occurred in Asaba, Delta state, involving a woman.

The poor woman was arrested, beaten, and eventually died.

Another example of the crossed lines was to accost innocent folks and defraud them of their hard-earned money all in the name of carrying out orders, according to victims who narrated the ordeal. In virtually all the cases, the common man has been at the receiving end of their excesses.

The active actors here are the so-called lazy youths.

This is further fueled by the perceived lazy youths, by the government, who would do anything to redeem themselves. Some two young ladies asserted this truth two days ago on a shared video clip on the Whatsapp social media. So, the so-called docile vibrant protesters would do anything to rewrite their names in history as awakened.

We watch them do themselves the honour. Perhaps the people around the world watch, and cheer them on to fight back and wrestle their freedom against oppressions and exploitations.

Finally, what we want is an inclusive policing, not exploiting policing. What we want is policing that crackdown on the real thief, not a patriotic citizen. What we want is policing that respects and values human lives.

In the strongest term, we would not condone the inhuman treatment of fellow men. That’s what the protest is all about.