My Send-Forth Letter To The Former Employees
2 min readAug 9, 2018

Hello buddy,

When a bus embarks on a journey, and finally, it reaches its destination, it’s bound to stop. At such a moment I am now.

After undertaking this herculean journey for over four years, though full of ups and downs, I’ve reached the motor park of my journey at Neptune Software Limited today,10th August 2018.

I’m not oblivious to blissful friends who made the journey safe for me, up till this end of days. They deserve mentioning and appreciated.

The people include Olawumi Babalogbon (mother and co-traveler), Saliu Rasheed (Erudite and co-traveler), Cindy Eke (my mentee), Madam Kome (adviser), Ajomale Adetokun (socialite), Wisdom Essien a.k.a. Robert Stone popularly called Wiskid (I called humble wiz), Blessing Arop (feminist), Roland Shile, Vincent Mildest, Mr. Muyiwa, Mrs Agbo, Mr Edwin (political comrade), Mr. Emmanuel (adviser), Mr Bayo Bankole (political analyst and mentor), Miss Chineye, Mr Shanu Amoke-odo (mate), Ismail (alpha), Mr Dapo (coded), Pastor, and Azeez.

It’s a deep concern for me to always question the basis of my departing at this time especially in leaving great people behind, at such as this. But must I go (Master Jedi).

I took consolation in departing in order to give fresh and better capable hands the opportunity to paddle the Neptune canoe to greater heights! I’m persuaded they have the wits, vision, and vigor.

(Note must be sounded that the team I’m leaving behind are far better than me. So no cause for alarm whatsoever.)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Love you, all. We’ll meet on the other side of life Deo Volentis.