My Life As A Nigerian Banker
2 min readDec 10, 2018

In Nigeria, every Software Developer’s dream is to land a bank job offer. However, no other reason other than better perks and benefits that come with it.

I have been writing codes for a couple of years in a software company.

Because I desperately needed a better living standard, I soaked in enough of software books I can get, coupled with hard work, all in a bid to break even.

No luck across my way.

In fact, not until August that good Lord answered my prayer.

I landed a banking job eventually in a leading bank in Nigeria!


Honestly, I could proudly say my opportunity came not solely ‘coz I prep more than fellow colleagues. But pretty ‘cos of grace and time.

Now settling to the new environment altogether, it’s more than what I bargained for.

I have to leave office late -7 pm every day.

I have to mandatorily check mails every second, something I’m not accustomed to.

I have to understudy and adapt to new system organogram.

I regularly give off my weekends to represent my team.

I travel more distance to get to work, and better part of my time are spent in traffic.

Lastly, I have to complete herculean e-Learning test coupled with my daily tasks. (E-learning is a mandatory test that keeps staff abreast with banking systems must know.)

Every day, it is a looming deadline to measure up with, every day!

Interestingly, what keeps me going is my lively and dynamic team members.