A Young African Manifestos

What they make of me

2 min readDec 29, 2018


Because my land had been colonized and undergoing recolonization daily, no place is safe.

Because I have been looted and exploited centuries past, I see a continent of beggars and pity by outsiders.

Because my ancestors’s religion and language have been replaced by foreigners own, I have lost my true compass.

Because I’m daily treated as a second class citizen of the world, wherever I go, I have lost my self-esteem.

Because my color is regarded as a curse not a blessing, a lost identity.

Because my culture is treated as backward, a lost heritage.

Because my home is known as home of poverty, wars, disease, and thieves, I detest my life.

Because my history is distorted, warped, and erased, I must rewrite mine.

What I see myself make of

I see a new world emerging out of the hashes.

I see a new race coming from the south not divided by age-long hatred, animosity, rivalry, and strive.

I see a new land of upright people whose values and creeds are unequal.

I see believers in themselves.

I see men truthful to themselves to learn a helping hand.

I see men that recreates their worlds.

I see men that set balance the unbalanced scale in the world through peace and unity.

I seek to rewrite my history in gold.

I seek to find, identify, and befriend men of these statures.

I see a new world!